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What Prosthetics Has To Offer For The Patients


When the Prosthetists and Orthotists create an artificial limb or brace,their patients should make certain that their new device is predictable, configured, reliable, adjustable, presentable, adaptable, and durable!
Predictable :  The prosthesis should always do what you expect it to do. If it doesn't perform the way you would like it to, it will never be an effective tool.
Configuration : The control system in the limb for example, should be configured to match the patients changing conditions.
Reliable : The control system must operate consistently day to day. Such as the battery working properly, not wasting any energy, and that the components in the system are not stressed. This would all add to the reliability of the product.
Adjustable : One size does not fit all. This is true for limbs and their control systems, as well as braces. Everything is adjusted to match the patients capabilities and monitor changes.
Presentable : Having smaller and lighter components are always being worked on. This would then increase the cosmetic appeal of a limb. It would then have a natural size and shape to it.
Adaptable : As a child with a prosethic limb grows for example, they may require a larger limb or changes in the control system to adapt to to their needs.  So therefore, being able to easily create a larger limb as a child grows is a very simple process.
Durable : Years of laboratory testing are behind the designs of limbs and braces. Testing is constantly being performed in order to increase the durability of the products that are so greatly needed by special individuals.


"The objective is to reach out to people with limb loss and to empower them through education, support, and advocacy"